Clockwork Cafe

This is a homeserver for Matrix, a decentralized communication network. Different users with accounts on different homeservers can all send messages to each other and join group chat rooms together, creating a communication platform controlled by people rather than by corporations.

To use Matrix, you'll need to get a Matrix client and create an account on a homeserver. A Matrix client is an app that lets you log into a homeserver and send/receive messages. Because Matrix is an open protocol, there are a lot of different client apps. If you're on a desktop/laptop computer, the Element web app is a reasonable choice. It runs entirely in your web browser, but your password and messages stay on your own computer. If you're on mobile, Element also has apps for iOS and Android. You can check out a full list of clients here if you're interested in seeing other options.

If you don't already have a Matrix account, you'll need to create one. Right now, I'm limiting registration on to people who I know personally. If I've given you a registration link, go to that link to create your account, and then go to your Matrix client and sign into homeserver with the username and password you chose. If I don't know you, there are lots of other Matrix servers you can create accounts on. No matter which homeserver you choose, you'll generally be able to message users and join rooms throughout the entire Matrix network. is a good default choice if you don't have a homeserver in mind. You can create an account on, or any other open-registration matrix homeserver, using Element.

Welcome to Matrix, and have fun!